Raising Money for Sophie with our Christmas Card Exchange

Raising Money for Sophie with our Christmas Card Exchange

For this year’s Christmas Card Exchange, we wanted to do a little extra. On December 26th we sent foster dachshund Sophie money for her medical bills as our Christmas gift. We asked everyone who signed up to make a donation to All American Dachshund Rescue to help this dachshund rescue. Donating was optional, but with over 160 participants in our exchange we were hoping to raise enough money to cover Sophie’s medical bills for at least one month.

Sophie is a special needs dachshund who was dumped to a shelter tiwce: once by her family and then again by the one who adopted her. She suffers from Cushing’s Disease and a dry eye and the shelter had no hope Sophie would make it out of the shelter alive. That is when AADR stepped in and took her to a foster home. Sophie’s vet bills cost over $100 per month, something AADR cannot pay without help from donations.

We needed just seven people to donate $15 to save Sophie for one month, or 20 people to donate just $5 for another month! Every dog deserves to live a happy life, and we wanted to make sure Sophie’s medical bills would not cost her her happy life.

In the end, we raised almost 220USD! Sophie’s medical bills will be covered for another two months.

We want to thank everyone who made a donation to Sophie: Angelique, Archana, Daniel, Dusti, Elizabeth, Jane, Lucia, Melissa, Natasha, Olivia and Veronica. You are awesome people! Dachshunds United has donated some private money as well, to cover taxes and to donate the full 220$!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I am Diane Irwin president of All American Dachshund Rescue and foster mom to Sophie. I would like to give you all a heartfelt “thank YOU” for your donation to Sophia’s medical fund. She has to have her meds daily for Cushings and for her allergies. But she’s a happy fun loving dachshund that loves to bark at the squirrels and chase a ball when she feels like it but mostly set in dady’s recliner with him when he’s chillin out. Thank you for the bottom of my heart and hers for your generous donation!

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