How to Turn your Doxie into a Supermodel!

How to Turn your Doxie into a Supermodel!

If you are anything like me, you think your pups could out-pose everyone… And let’s be honest…they probably could. In this blog I will go over some things that will help you take even better photos of your pup (because yes, that is possible!).
Hi, I'm Jess! I wrote this blog because I'm crazy about dachshunds! You can follow my dogs at @teenie_weenies on Instagram!
Most of the time, the best photos are candid ‘in the moment’ shots. However, if you are trying to get the ‘money shot’, there are a few things to know and consider before starting an all-out photo shoot with your BFF. I came up with a list of some tips that have helped me:

    • Let your dog get used to the camera. If your dog is unfamiliar with a camera, place it down in front of him/her. Let them sniff it, and start taking a few photos at a time to get them used to it.
    • Show your dog’s personality. The point of taking photos of your pets is to capture the parts of their personality that you love and want to share with everyone else.

Personality (1)

    • Treats! I do not always condone bribery, but if that is what it takes for the perfect shot… that is what I do! J Before you start snapping pictures, give the pups a few small treats to get them comfortable and happy. Make sure they are calm and not distracted by the treats or else it will just lead to mayhem. For example, Oliver is crazy when it comes to treats, so I know I cannot take the photos right away. He tends to get over excited about the treats. If I take the picture too soon, it turns out like this:


Which shows his true personality; that he is a nutcase! J. Banks, on the other hand, is a calm patient little guy. He will sit there in his perfect poised posture as long as he needs to.

  • Get creative. Our spare bedroom has been transformed into a make-shift photo studio for the weens. (I know, I have a problem LOL).I took a trip to Joanne Fabrics and got a few yards of plain white material to use as a backdrop and I use my boyfriend’s work light when natural light is not enough. (I am saving to invest in real photography lights that I have seen on Amazon).


I have so many different props and outfits for them, that the plain white background works great for any occasion.  If you don’t want to commit to being as crazy as me, a simple background can easily be colorful blankets or rugs. Get your dog in front of one of these – it is guaranteed to make your dog stand out and brighten up the photo.

  • Lighting. Use natural light whenever possible. I know it is difficult if your house is not facing the proper direction at certain times a day… how frustrating. Outdoor photos come out the best, and let’s face it; the dogs would rather be out there anyway! If you are taking photos inside, do not use too much flash – it can eventually bother your pup. Shoot in daylight or play around with your camera settings – almost all cameras (digital or on your phone) have a setting where you can adjust lighting or exposure.


  • Get on the dog’s level. Chances are they will be less distracted if you sit at their eye level (rather than hovering above them).
  • Make your dog smile! Impossible you think? Make your dog run around a bunch before you plan on taking pictures. When he comes back to the spot you want to use as the background…he/she should be panting up looking up at your with a big tongue hanging smile!
  • Take lots of pictures. The more you take, the better the chances of having at least a few great shots! I am the queen at taking about a hundred photos and finding about 5 good ones – that is considered a great day in my eyes!
  • Be Patient. Do not get frustrated with your pup. If you find yourself getting discouraged, put the camera away for a few hours. The puparazzi can take a break once in a while 😉 It’s a ruff life being so cute.

I hope some of these tips help you capture awesome pictures and memories of your best friend. If any of these worked for you, let us know! Use the hashtag #DUPuparazzi on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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